How no no Hair Removal System Works – Thermicon Technology Explained

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If you browse through web you will find so many articles explaining what is no!no! hair removal system and benefits of it. But if you do not understand how it works you may not be able to feel confident about using it. So, in this article I will explain how no!no! hair removal system works.

The systems is based on a new patented technology called Thermicon Technology. The key aspect of this method is that it uses heat pulse to help get rid of unwanted hair. Before I go ahead and explain about how Thermicon Technology works let me talk in brief about three growth stages of our hair. Understanding this it will be easy to appreciate the beauty of no!no! hair removal system.

Hair-follicle cycling 

There are three phases involved in life cycle of our hair. 

Anagen: This is the growth phase. Depending upon the body part this phase can last upto 5-7 years. This is when you notice that your hair grow very fast. For example, scalp hair in this phase will grow upto 1 cm in a month’s time easily. 

Catagen: After the growth phase there is a transition phase where the growth stops. The hair shaft start to pull away from the root (which provides nourishment to hair to grow). This period can last upto 3 weeks.

Telogen: This is also called the resting phase. Here no hair growth takes place. The old hair just waits to be uprooted and replaced by a new hair as the next phase –  Anagen kicks in. This stage lasts upto 3 months.

Thermicon Technology

Hair-follicle cycling a challenge for permanent hair removal products

So, what’s about this hair cycle and hair removal products. The key challenge is our hair can be in different stages at different points of time. They can also be in different phases in same stage too. This makes it complicated for a hair re comes with a moval product to work effectively on them. For example, if your hair is in Catagen stage then any product you use may not reach hair root as the hair is already uprooted. Thus there will be little effect. This is why continuous application of hair removal products is necessary. 

What is Thermicon Technology

Thermicon Technology as I mentioned earlier is a patented technology which is based on heat transfer to enable hair removal. Every no!no! device comes with a patented thermodynamic wire. What this wire does is transmit “heat pulse” to hair. These gentle heat pulses go down into hair follicles. While top of the hair are separated the heat pulse keeps going into the root of the hair where the hair growth actually takes place. Thus the treatment is not on the external side but also inside the hair. Which makes it very effective hair removal method. 

Thermicon Technology is a new method of hair removal. It is unlike laser technology which uses both light and heat for the process. Also because of its dependence of light it has known to be less effective for hair which are light in color (brown, whitish, etc.). As Thermicon Technology based no!no! only uses heat it works as well with any kind of hair. 


Thermicon Technology is a great innovation for hair removal as it can effectively help in safe hair removal at home saving time and money. 

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